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Artificial Insemination for Cattle
Cont Ed Class This course will discuss the anatomy of female organs, equipment placement of semen, heat detection, when to breed, nutrition, sel... Find Course Sections
Basic Bookkeeping Level 1
Cont Ed Class Accounting concepts and procedures, debits and credits, beginning the accounting cycle, preparing worksheets and financial reports... Find Course Sections
Basic Bookkeeping Level 2
Cont Ed Class A continuation of Level 1 covering:Special journals; Sales and cash receipts; Purchases/cash payments; The synoptic journal; Prepa... Find Course Sections
Crisis Intervention & Communication Skil
Cont Ed Class You will learn Crisis Intervention theories, from both lecture and experiential format to enhance and practice skills. Facilitate... Find Course Sections
Intimate Partner Violence
Cont Ed Class You will gain a thorough understanding about the impact of domestic violence on relationships and the family. You will look at and... Find Course Sections
Cross Cultural Awareness
Cont Ed Class Using an anthropological approach, you will explore beliefs and values and address common themes when working in a cross-cultural ... Find Course Sections
First Responders to Sexual Assault and S
Cont Ed Class This is a Provincial course aimed at educating individuals about sexual abuse, assault, and harassment; and training them to be fi... Find Course Sections
Professional Boundaries
Cont Ed Class This course will teach you to define, establish and maintain professional boundaries when working with clients. You will gain an u... Find Course Sections
Applied Suicide Intevention Skills Train
Cont Ed Class This course will give you the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to recognize and address suicidal b... Find Course Sections
Awareness of Self-Harming Behaviour
Cont Ed Class You will learn a basic introduction to understanding self-harming. You will gain an understanding of why people self-harm, what th... Find Course Sections