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Apply to NWP

STEP 1: Get the Required Information

Have the following information handy before applying:

  1. Figure out which program or course you wish to take.
  2. Get a list of the high-school or post-secondary courses you are currently completing
  3. Find out your final or current mid-term grades in high school subjects
  4. Find your Alberta Student Number on a transcript issued by an Alberta institution. You can look up or create an ASN now or wait until you begin the application process below.

Some of these requirements may not apply to you, depending on your situation or the program or course you are registering for. Please contact us if you are not sure about something.

STEP 2: Now you can complete the application process at ApplyAlberta

Apply Now!

STEP 3: After completing the Application

If you are having trouble applying online, please download the paper application.